Monday, July 18, 2011

Anushka Sharma at Nivea 100 years event

Sushmita Sen Walks the Ramp at I am She Ed Hardy fashion show

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Some Makeup Tips you should Need to Know

Look party perfect during the hot season with the following easy need-to-know makeup tips. Get ready for the glamorous makeover with this set of beauty-hints offered by pro makeup artists. 

It is vital to make a good-first impression at every event. Your makeup also guarantees success especially if you use only the most flattering shades and cosmetic-formulas. 

The newest-beauty techniques allow you to improve your skills and steal the basics tricks from pro artists. Turn heads with your flawless-complexion, mesmerizing glimpse and kissable lips, but first make-sure you arm yourself up with the easy need-to-know makeup tips below.

Arabian Beauty/Basra Haider: Forever Silky Smooth!


Laser-hair-removal has served the Arabian woman well. We are perhaps more grateful for it than any other women, because the hair is dark, because there’s a lot of it; because-most of us are waxed at the tender age of eight or nine, the belief being that if the hair is removed before puberty then it has less of a growth spurt when everything else starts to grow.

Why you can safely ignore most trends in Fashion Magazines

The pointy-toe shoe. In, out, shake it all about? Photograph: Graham Turner for the Guardian
Many titles cover fashion with a level-of-intelligence that would give a brick a superiority complex. Are pointy-toe-shoes in? Is anything?
I see in a magazine that pointed-toe shoes are "back". What does this mean?

Geraldine, by email

What this means, Geraldine, is that a hapless work experiencer came into the office one day and, instead of being alternately ignored and sent-out for the coffee run, an overstressed fashion assistant told her to ring round every shoe designer she could think of and ask them to send over whatever pointed shoes they had in the store room because they'd look good on a double-page spread. And that, boys and girls, is how fashion journalism works.

Top Model-final will be Live from Fashion Week

NZNTM judges Chris Sisarich, Sara Tetro and Colin Mathura-Jeffree

The season finale of New Zealand’s Next-Top-Model will be broadcast live from the New Zealand Fashion Week, with the finalists walking in one of the event’s biggest runway shows.
The final three competitors will take to the catwalk to determine who will-win the third season of the reality programme, which sees one aspiring model win prizes which include a modelling contract and introductions to overseas agencies.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fairy-tale moment of Student's fashion

Students on the catwalk: the men's design was crafted by Trish, the gown by Cynthia.

In the spirit of shows like Project Runway, this year's finale of the highly anticipated fashion fundraising event STYLEAID will showcase 13 up and coming student designers. 
It is a tradition in the fashion world that the show finale is reserved for the most coveted of looks-and-this year's fashion and textile students from around Perth will be basking in the glory. 
One of Perth's most prominent fashion figures and STYLEAID creative director Aly May put the call out to WA design institutions six months ago, offering them the opportunity to have student design work featured alongside other designers including Aurelio Costarella and Vivienne Westwood on the catwalk.